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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Promoting Bridge

It's no secret that in North America the game of bridge is effectively dying. The average age of ACBL members keeps rising and you see less and less young faces at tournaments. As well as promoting the game to retired people with lots of free time, efforts need to be made to get younger people interested in bridge. In order to understand how to go about this, two key questions need to be asked.

First, what will attract teenagers to the game? As a teenager myself, if someone were to tell me that bridge is great for the mind and a very interesting game, I wouldn't have any desire to learn the game.

I would be interested in the great rivalry between USA and Italy, the huge money that professionals are making, big prize money tournaments like the Cavendish, and the great party atmosphere at night during tournaments. Though these things have nothing to do with the game itself, they are interesting and would make me want to become a part of the bridge scene. To do this, obviously I'd have to learn the game.

There was a great poker movie made in 1998, Rounders, starring Matt Damon. To watch this movie and enjoy it, you would literally need no knowledge of how to play poker. The movie was a hit, and many college kids started playing as a result. The natural reaction to being captivated by a movie about poker is to actually go out and learn how to play. Of the people who do that, some percentage will keep playing for the rest of their lives. The point is not to market the game, but to market the drama and atmosphere that surrounds the game.

Imagine a movie about a young bridge professional trying to make it in a highly competitive world. He falls into the trap of drugs and drinking during the wee hours of the night during regionals and nationals and hits rock bottom. At some point, he rises above all of this to greatness. At the climax he's playing his nemesis, the antagonist who has stolen clients from him and bad mouthed him throughout the movie. He pauses when the player leads away from an ace and he must guess the contract to win the match and the tournament. He finally guesses, and wins tens of thousands of dollars as well as the respect of everyone. It may sound silly, but you wouldn't need to know how to play bridge to watch this movie and many would enjoy it.

Some mainstream media effort could easily be made to create an influx of juniors to the ACBL. A movie, a documentary, articles in widely read magazines about the life of a young bridge player, a TV show with a main character that is a bridge player, even a reality TV show. Trying to put an actual bridge game on TV will never achieve great success, but making the bridge world and the atmosphere a part of some bigger picture could.

The ACBL, with it's site "Bridge Is Cool," has failed miserably at understanding what will appeal to a teenage audience.

We also must wonder, what existing markets can we tap into that include young people? There are certainly some people we can advertise the game itself to. It's obvious that the millions of teenagers that play spades, a trick taking game similar to bridge, are such an easy market to attract to bridge. They devote some time to playing card games, they already understand the basic rules of bridge, and they are willing to spend some time to learn a game. As I write this there are almost 7,000 people playing spades on Yahoo. Most are teenagers. Why are we not actively trying to get these people to play bridge? It makes absolutely no sense.

Other board games, card games, and strategy games have young players who would be quite interested in learning the king of all card games. We need to make a site that we can direct those people to, and somehow make the site available to them. That was probably the goal of Bridge Is Cool, but something more appealing to this type of person is needed. The more times that prize money and huge amounts of strategy are mentioned the better.

The other market is school kids, particularly those in advanced math classes. By junior high it's too late, there are so many other interests that bridge will not be a priority. I think the ACBL is already doing a great job in teaching bridge at elementary schools so I won't expound.

In order to save the game of bridge, those in power need to understand the new generation. As a member of said generation, I will tell you with confidence that Bridge Is Cool will not appeal to ANYONE. A new game plan needs to be drawn up before it's too late.



  • Justin -- Stumbled across your game on BBO - terminated due to someone being absent.

    Clicked on your Blog. You certainly have the right idea. Have not checked into "Bridge is Cool". Been struggling with this game for well over 50 yrs. Impossible to ever learn it all. That is what makes it a challenge.

    Best Wishes, Jack

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4/29/06, 6:38 PM  

  • Justin,
    You are absolutely right in a way, such a movie would be interesting for young folks and I'm sure a number of lost souls would actually start picking up the game. However, that is not up to a few bridge players or even up to the ACBL. There actually needs to be this big producer interested in the game and as far as I know, Bill Gates is not a producer. The money and fame and rivalry unfortunately would only work in the USA, or in Italy of course. We have tried several low-budget (probably ACBL-like, as you would say) initiatives here in Belgium to get more people playing but it does not seem to be working very well, unlike in the Netherlands, where young bridge players just keep crawling out of nowhere. How do they do it? I don't know, even they don't. Don't you think there is anything a few of us enthousiastic blokes can do to change all of this?


    By Anonymous _fonzie__, at 4/30/06, 1:10 AM  

  • fonzie,

    I agree it is not up to the ACBL to make a movie about bridge. However, if they want to market the game in ANY fashion they must obviously market what appeals to their target audience. The movie idea was just one idea to make it available to my generation, however the main idea was what the movie was about.

    Getting articles published about big prize money tournaments such as the cavendish, or about the great rivalries or characters of the game should not be beyond the ACBLs scope.

    Hopefully, some gifted individual could make a movie or a documentary and find it both profitable and good for the game. Hopefully some marketing genius whether associated with reality TV or not could get a channel like MTV to follow a bridge professional around a few tournaments and do a "diary" on his life. Someone will need to step up.

    By Blogger Justin Lall, at 4/30/06, 2:13 AM  

  • When I read your blog this morning, I had to call a friend of mine. He's complained about how hard it is to recruit juniors, and my reply was always that all bridge needs is its own version of Rounders. When we had a really crappy tournament (travelling through really crappy weather) I joked about how it'd be the middle point of the movie, when things look dark and grim etc. The end (of course) is winning the Cavendish :P

    Bridge really does need SOMETHING to market it and overcome the "old people only" stigma, and the bridge is cool website is NOT it. I'm sure there is a way that website could be more useless (maybe written in pig latin) but it'd take some serious effort. Heck, they don't even have a forum for juniors to talk to each other.

    Anyways, it'd be cool to see more juniors playing. But the ACBL needs to be more proactive in doing things that will attract the younger crowd. A stratified event at nationals that pays out cash instead of masterpoints, a movie, a useful website, anything. They seem to be good at encouraging juniors who play to keep playing, but have no idea how to get people age 17-30 to start playing.


    By Anonymous Eric Sieg, at 5/1/06, 8:06 AM  

  • Excellent insight as usual.

    When I started in the early 80's, I was usually the only junior at a given tournament. So the league has improved in this regard.

    The movie "Rounders" was a big push for poker, but poker was already on an upswing before Matt Damon. Televised events like the WSOP have helped immensely too. You can't discount the impact of the internet for poker - look at the number of entries that PokerStars and others send to the WSOP through satellites - I know in '04 it was about 20% of the total entries.

    Juniors are an important source of new players, because they will be life-long members of the league. But I would argue that a more important source are the 'baby-boomers' who are just beginning to retire. Professionals whose children have left the home will need an intellectual pursuit and there's nothing better than bridge. As the average age of the league is a little over 67, I'm not terribly concerned, since these people have many years left. 67 isn't nearly as 'old' as it was 20 years ago. I don't know what the average retirement age is but I'll bet its somewhere in the mid-60's. Future juniors will be the children of this new breed.

    A movie would have to be done right, but to sell it to a studio, it needs to appeal to a large audience. I can see the 'indy' appeal of your idea, but perhaps another angle would be best.

    - Phil

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5/1/06, 9:46 AM  

  • Just responding to Phil..

    The just retired are a great source of new players, because they are easier to recruit. They suddenly have lots of free time and are not as interested in a lot of things which younger people use to spend time (video games, clubbing, sports, etc).

    However, for bridge to grow significantly (imo) it needs to target people while they are young and *before* their kids grow up and leave home. Recruiting 1 couple who just retired is easier. However, recruiting a couple with young children means not only will they play, but it is much likelier their children will play. And by association, some of their kids friends might be more willing to try it and have fun.

    I do think that targeting newly retired is a great way to add to the population quickly. However, the long term benefits of adding noticeable amounts of younger players would be immense (imo).

    One thing I have seen that was effective was a college in Sherman TX (I forget the name) started offering bridge for college credit. Even as an intersession class it got a lot of new college kids playing.. think we saw about 8 that made the trip up to OKC for our 299er sectional. Its a struggle to get those rolling (OU for example is not keen on the idea), but the more common those became the easier it would be to start at all colleges. Its also a more realistic plan of attack than Rounders for Bridge, at least until Bill Gates or someone decides to fund a movie like that.


    By Anonymous Eric Sieg, at 5/1/06, 11:35 AM  

  • Phil: Rounders came out in 98 I believe. This was before internet poker was big, and before televised poker was big (yes the WSOP was being televised, but it was not very popular). I agree the REALLY big push for poker came with internet and TV though.

    The Rounders-for-bridge idea was optimistic, but it was mainly given to open the eyes of some people (hopefully in the ACBL) to what kind of things SHOULD be marketed and what kind of things are possible. We need big thinkers.

    Also as an update, a bridge teacher recently asked me for a slogan to use in a flyer at a high school and college to attract people to her bridge class. I came up with... "Think you're good at cards? Try bridge, the ultimate game of strategic and psychological warfare."

    My basic thought was to entice those most likely to play bridge, gaming people interested in strategy games. The rhetorical question is risky, but it acts as a challenge to the reader even if they aren't good at cards. They'll want to be. The word warfare makes it appeal to those that are competitive. Thoughts?

    By Blogger Justin Lall, at 5/1/06, 1:08 PM  

  • I recently emailed J. Baum CEO of the acbl regarding recruiting spades players. I have copied the relevant parts of my email and his response:

    (Brief intro. and spades description removed) This game is thriving both on the
    internet and perhaps more importantly among high school and college students around the country. Spades has only two major tournaments a year and has thus far failed at creating a national sanctioning body.
    In many ways spades players are in a similar position to whist /
    bridge players pre ACBL. They have no clubs. They play in coffee
    shops and student unions.

    Why am I prattering on about spades players you might be wondering. I think that the acbl should consider stepping in and becoming involved in spades. Many bridge players play in spades tournaments and the game would be simple to learn. More importantly, the opportunity to
    get spades players (did I mention many of them are young?) into our
    clubs, perhaps even playing games for spade "points", would be a
    chance to recruit them into OUR great game, Bridge. I am convinced
    the acbl would benefit mightily. My father and sister have both
    recently become interested in playing bridge because of how much they have enjoyed playing spades.

    Imagine if acbl clubs had a spades game on Saturday afternoon,
    immediately followed by a bridge intro and minibridge game. Some
    players would surely stay. They could then watch as the Saturday
    Bridge game players trickled into the club. Maybe they would see the
    intensity of play. Some might stay and kibitz. Imagine how easy our members could invite family members who didn't know bridge to play spades. The game is much easier to learn, but provides great training for bridge in terms of play of the hand. It has to be easier to recruit players for bridge among those who play cards than those who don't.

    The ACBL could test my ideas by running a pilot program. Persuade a bridge club owner or two to publicize and run a spades game and offer some bridge indoctrination immediately before and after. When the players arrive explain the clubs main purpose is for bridge and
    introduce the role of the acbl. ACBL score could easily prepare swiss pairings or some other type of playing bracket. Post sheets just like in real bridge. Following the game invite whoever is interested to play a few hands of minibridge. Announce any upcoming bridge lessons
    and emphasize how many bridge games the club has every week. If this is at all interesting to you, I have spoken to club owners willing to give it a try.

    Even if none of these ideas about acbl and bridge are interesting to
    you, at a minimum I think you should consider having the acbl sponsor a booth or some kind of presence at the three large spades conferences every year. It makes sense to market to our fellow card players. Two conferences are held by The Spades Connection and information can be found at http://www.thespadesconnection.com/news.php. The largest
    tournament is the World Series of Spades and information can be found
    at www.grandprixtournaments.com/ Currently there are 4000
    spades players online at the Microsoft Gaming Zone. There are only 1000 bridge players.

    I hope you find the above ideas interesting. If you'd like, I'd be
    happy to discuss it with you further. I am 31 and hope I will still be able to play this great game at a local club when I am 71. Judging from the age of my opponents the odds don't look too good. Like the spades players in my town now, I may not have a local club then.

    By Anonymous jmc from bbo, at 5/1/06, 3:56 PM  

  • Here is Mr. Baum's response to my letter. While some of the efforts by the ACBL are interesting, he didn't seem particularly excited.

    Mr. Baum's reply:

    The Spades idea is a good one and one we have done a little work on with very little success.We do own spadesrus.com and NADSL . com (North American Duplicate Spades League). If one of the clubs in Omaha starts a game we would be interested in the results.The boards and movements can be the same as a bridge game , so the transition to duplicate spades would be easy.
    ACBL is also setup to be the rating record keeper through slight adjustments in ACBLscore.Thank you also for the idea about the major tournaments.Will pass that on to marketing. Hope bridge is still strong in Omaha.
    Kindest regards,

    Jay Baum, CEO

    By Anonymous jmc from bbo, at 5/1/06, 3:58 PM  

  • JMC,

    That's exactly the kind of stuff I'm talking about. Great ideas, I hope someone sets them into action.

    By Blogger Justin Lall, at 5/1/06, 4:24 PM  

  • How about some interviews?
    Did you see the short caption from the White House Tournament?


    By Blogger Gerben Dirksen, at 5/2/06, 5:33 PM  

  • I agree with you completely Justin. I am 16 years old an a recent addict of the game of bridge. Recenty I have tried to get some of my friends to play; unfortnately without success. People my age need a way to look at bridge on the surface and be interested. When they do delve into the deep matter of bridge im sure they will be compelled to play.

    Cheers, ELI

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5/3/06, 6:02 AM  

  • not trying to rain on anyone's parade but I think the glory days of bridge are done for a very simple reason.it has returned to being percieved as the elitist game it was before Goren. Most of the classic games that survive are very simple on the surface level but have layers upon layers..like chess..and bridge seems to a large degree become a series of math problems. This will appeal to perhaps the same number of people who do cryptograms...it seems to be inaccessible and just too damn much trouble to bother with for a number of people I know who used to love the game and have now given it up!!! This is undoubtedly very ego boosting for those who are successful but long term is not good for the survival of the game as a popular activity in the general population.Imho the game has gone past the point of no return..it will certainly survive but never return to being a highly popular activity for a large number of the general public..it has simply become too complicated.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5/7/06, 7:49 AM  

  • Justin,

    I like the idea of a bridge movie generally the way you describe it. Don't forget to throw in some romance, though. When I started playing in tournaments in the 1970s, there was plenty of that floating around bridge tournaments. I assume you are familiar with "Tickets to the Devil" and the Jake Winkman books, all of which make that pretty clear.

    I find the ACBL average age of 67 to be pretty alarming, actually. It's true that many 67-year-olds will be playing for another 10 or 15 years, but they won't be travelling to tournaments much; they'll be playing in morning club games. And at some point soon, it will not be economically viable to run sectional tournaments except in major metro areas.

    Also, recruiting retired people may be the easiest short-term approach but it will never replenish the ranks of EXPERT players.

    As for bridge becoming too complicated -- well, at the top level it's pretty complicated all right, but let's look back at 1960. At that time something like 25% of the entire US population knew how to play bridge. Dwight Eisenhower, hero of WWII and the President of the United States, played bridge. There was a bridge TV show. Goren had a column in Sports Illustrated and many newspapers had daily columns. Out of that base of 40 million people who knew how to play, only maybe 200,000 - about half a percent - were tournament players. The tournament game was too complex for 99.5% of the players -- but it still thrived because the "base" of players from which to draw a small number of devotees was huge.

    My point being that tournament bridge can only grow significantly if casual bridge grows, and casual bridge, while it's a lot more challenging than most games people play today, does not have to be more complicated than it was 50 years ago at its peak, or 75 years ago when Culbertson made it front-page news.

    The real challenge is that people have less leisure time and more ways to spend it than they did 50 years ago. Bridge first became popular during the Depression, when few people could afford to spend more than the cost of a deck of cards on entertainment. I don't have any easy answers to this but I'm not totally pessimistic -- you can't really say that poker had any more reason to have a renaissance than bridge, but it did.

    By Blogger applecor, at 5/9/06, 10:35 AM  

  • I got started playing Bridge from Spades. Some of the best Spades players are also good Bridge players. I think Spades is a GREAT avenue into Bridge and the ACBL should look into picking up new bridge players from Yahoo and MSN Zone.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6/2/06, 8:42 AM  

  • You wrote: "Imagine a movie about a young bridge professional trying to make it in a highly competitive world. He falls into the trap of drugs and drinking during the wee hours of the night during regionals and nationals and hits rock bottom."

    Wonder where that inspiration came from???

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6/5/06, 3:41 PM  

  • Justin,

    Yep, you've got it. If you want to make a fortune and know someone who designs video games, help design a "dungeons and dragons" (Yeah, I know, but I'm 57) for bridge. You have to learn the game to play the video bame, but the game teaches the game as you go.

    Tell Bob Hamman you want in on the Cavendish video project I've proposed. I need your young mind and bridge expertise to help me lay out what we want to film.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11/17/08, 6:24 PM  

  • Bridge needs to be cast as hip. Plain and simple. You hit the nail on the head with your analysis. If a "cool" movie came out that featured the game, or perhaps a conceptual video game, I think its popularity would skyrocket.

    By Anonymous Ellsworth, at 4/5/09, 6:43 AM  

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